Viljandi Hanseatic Days are approaching once again

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Viljandi Hanseatic Days are approaching once again

Viljandi Hanseatic Days will be held on the first weekend of June and it will feature a traditional craft fair as well as the world's first jazz opera and the first stadium concert in Viljandi.

Viljandi Hanseatic Days

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The main programme of the Hanseatic Days will take place from Friday afternoon, 1 June until the midnight of Saturday. The great annual Hanseatic Days craft fair will begin on Friday at 16.00. Some traders will stay open until midnight, as this year will see the first night sale in the history of Hanseatic Fairs. Over 300 traders are expected to participate in the fair, around a hundred of whom will be staying open late on Friday night. The fair will open at 10.00 on Saturday and will close at 20.00 in the evening.

The Café Night, which has proven to be extremely successful in the last two years, will return again this year. 19 existing and pop-up cafés will be participating in the event. This year's Café Night focuses on the beautiful lakeside area of Viljandi, however, cafés can also be found in the park on Koidu street, Maramaa avenue, Kõrgemäe and Rubiin square. Cafés will be opened for visitors at 20.00 and will stay open until midnight.

The culmination of the event programme of the Hanseatic Days on Friday will be the free musical action «Viljandi's First Stadium Concert aka Paradise City» which will commence at exactly midnight and will be held at the town's main stadium by the lake. A Guns N'Roses tribute band consisting of Viljandi's musicians will take the stage and perform the best known hits of the band which has been designated as one of the best stadium rock bands in the world.

The townspeople are invited to discover the hidden pearls of Viljandi townscape, the unique beauty of which we often fail to recognise in our everyday lives, through various musical actions instigated by the Ugala theatre for the third summer in a row. This year, the organisers are inviting all Viljandi people to one of the most beautiful town stadiums in Estonia in order to set the capacity record of the newly renovated audience stand and carry out the first stadium concert in the history of Viljandi. There are enough seats for the first thousand people.

Once the stadium concert has concluded, you can walk to the Viljandi Aircraft Factory where the fourth community party named after the cult novel «Gogoli disko» («Gogol's Disco») by Paavo Matsin will be held, and which will feature the favourite music of creative persons who are connected to Viljandi, live here or just love Viljandi. The performers of Gogol's Disco, which will take place at midnight on Friday in the Aircraft Factory, include Berk Vaher, Aare Pilv and Ivo Reinok.

The highlight of the Hanseatic Days' programme on Saturday, 2 June is the jazz opera «Carmen Loves Jazz», which begins at 21.00 and is a remake of the world-famous opera by Georges Bizet. Performers include Estonian Dream Big Band led by conductor and arranger Siim Aimla, Sofia Rubina-Hunter, René Soom and Kristjan Kasearu in singing roles, and Marita Weinrank, Jevgeni Grib and Anatoli Arhangelski in dancing roles. Both singing and dancing characters are on the stage simultaneously – intertwining hot passion, deep love, zestiness and enjoyment of life. Participation requires a ticket.

Programmes are carried out at the Hanseatic stage in Köler park and at the Plump Pig stage at J. Laidoner square on both days. The programme of the Hanseatic stage will end at midnight on Friday and at 20.00 on Saturday. The Plump Pig stage will feature performers until 23.00 on Friday and until 19.00 on Saturday.

In regard to the sports programme, the twin town football tournament «Hansa Cup», which will take place from Friday to Sunday, and the XXIV run on the Trepimägi hill on Sunday, 3 June at 13.00 are certainly worth highlighting.

In addition to the aforementioned, the programme of the Hanseatic Days will also feature plays at Teatrihoov, children's area on the second Kirsimägi hill, the Viking village on the first Kirsimägi hill, youth area in the garden of Inkeri house, Kunsttükkide Tänav (the Street of Works of Art) in the old town and the Mulgi fair.

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