Visit Estonia invites: Epic Estonian Experience

Source: Mart Vares

Visit Estonia invites: Epic Estonian Experience

So you arrived in a little country that surprisingly hosts the biggest beach party in Northern Europe - Weekend Festival Baltic. From what you've heard and seen it's pretty damn cool here, but you don't really have that much time to dig deep into it, do you?

Don't worry. We're here for you. We give you a taste of our culture and all you have to do is ... say "yes"!


Scandinavian food is probably one of the biggest hits in food industry in last years. Local products, always fresh ingredients and a true northern look make it impossible not to fall in love with it. Estonian food is pretty much the same - nordic with a twist - as we like to call it.

We want you to experience our food, but to take it to the next level - to make all your senses even sharper while trying it - we want you to eat it blindfolded. To take it to even higher level... well, the highest, we invite one of the top chefs in the country to cook for you!
Get ready for the world class gourmet - in style!

When: blind lunch or dinner on Friday or Saturday

Where: a few minutes from the festival venue


Did you enjoy a little swing when you were little? We sure did. And we still do. But, you know...  the levels are all different now. If you'd like to challenge yourself to some sporty activity that offers a quick adrenaline rush while being simple and fun then our "national sports" kiiking is your thing! How many times can you get over the fulcrum? Compete against other artists!

When: whenever it suits you

Where: festival area


Estonia may be the least religious country in the world, but there's one thing we all believe in and that's nature. Old customs, ancient traditions and the way we always have and always will connect with nature make us who we are - Estonians.

There are plenty of intriguing characters - each with its own story - in Estonian mythology. We all can identify ourselves with one of these characters. Well, perhaps with a few, but with one more than others. We want to know who would you be from Estonian mythology and how do you feel about this character. Can you see yourself living your life the way he does? Would you like to discover his secret getaways and quirky little habits?
Make the test with us and share your thought in a short interview.

When: whenever it suits you

Where: festival area

Last updated : 18.08.2016