Visit Estonia Snapchat Takeover

Source: Marek Metslaid

Visit Estonia Snapchat Takeover

 We are launching Visit Estonia Snapchat, because we love what this channel is all about. It's fresh and authentic - exactly what one destination should be like. Snapchat is a sneak peek at the destination - an opportunity to see the backstage and the real thing.

Yet we want to take it one step further. Our Snapchat won't be about the backstage of a tourist board.

We want to show you something that would truly open the soul of the destination - its people.

Real life. Real people. Real stories.


We are giving our account to the people who live here. 

They will show you what Estonia is like through their eyes.

Different regions, different interests, different lifestyles.

Follow us and discover Estonia day by day.

Snapchat: visitestonia

Are you an Estonian or perhaps a foreigner who lives here? Would you like to take over our account?
Please fill in the form below!
Or you can simply suggest people you know or who you'd like to see making a takeover for us.

Last updated : 18.08.2016