Visit Estonia’s Virtual Press and FAM tour

In 2020, when travelling was not possible, Visit Estonia tried new ways to introduce the country

Case study

Source: Visit Estonia

Visit Estonia’s Virtual Press and FAM tour

Recently, Visit Estonia invited a foreign audience to a virtual tour of Estonia! The participants were almost 50 well-targeted tour operators and influential media representatives in the field of tourism from Finland, the UK and the USA, Belgium, the Netherlands and all Scandinavian countries.

The first project of this kind was preceded by a large-scale preparatory work: consideration of places and technical possibilities, creation of content, filming of locations, preparation of gifts related to the places visited, interviews, live studio in front of the fireplace at the Schlössle Hotel. The trip around Estonia took me from the airport to the Old Town and Noblessner, from the bog to Hiiumaa, from there to Tartu and back to the Tallinn Old Town.

If you found this to be interesting and want to know more, then watch the whole virtual tour!

And the aftermath?

  • "Ambitious and professionally made, the event inspired me to do more articles from Estonia."
  • "Honestly one of the BEST virtual events I've attended this year."
  • "The editor just confirmed that they will publish an online article on Estonia as soon as possible and will add another article in the printed version of the magazine to their planning. They also hope to visit your great country next year."