What kind of a mythological creature from the Estonian nature are you?

Source: Karl Ander Adami, Visit Estonia

What kind of a mythological creature from the Estonian nature are you?

Visit Estonia invites you to learn about the nature tourism campaign deepEST Roots! This is a test where you are required to answer 10 simple photo questions. Answer all the questions and find out what kind of a Estonian mythological creature you would be. You will also get recommendations on places you should visit in the Nordic nature of Estonia.

The creative solution of the campaign , presented in English and German, introduces foreigners to Estonian mythical characters, who have been drawn by Britt Samoson for this project. The test requires that you answer some questions (trust your first instinct when answering), which reveals to which mythical character you are most similar. The campaign page also features information about famous and not so well known spots in Estonian nature and which ones of those places you should visit based on your mythological character.

Could a test like this even work?

It most certainly does and we have proof of it! We first launched the deepEST Roots nature campaign a couple of years ago when it reached nearly 40 million people in over  100 countries across the world. After all, aren’t we all always busy and so, acquiring information quickly is a necessity. But we are also extremely curious being, always seeking out new information. deepEST Roots is both fast and fun!

Try the test out and invite your friends to do the same via social media!

Last updated : 09.11.2018