Winding coastline meets a long-standing spa culture

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Winding coastline meets a long-standing spa culture

 Estonia is big on beaches and spas. In the summer, you'll often find kids, parents, and grandparents splashing in the water and soaking in the sun. For the rest of the year, families, couples and groups of friends tend to hit the spas.

What makes Estonian spas truly unique is that they often include a water park and relaxing sauna complexes in the same building. This means that the entire family can find something they love to do.

It's pretty safe to say that every second Estonian visits a spa at least once a year. 

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Right outside of Tallinn you'll find Atlantis H20 Aquapark, a spacious and exciting maze of slides, the longest of which boasts a whopping 120 meters of fun.  

Beaches are packed in the summer, but equally worth a visit during colder times of the year

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Pärnu is the summer and spa capital of Estonia and therefore has quite a few spas with water parks. The most well known among families is the Tervise Paradiis Spa Hotel and Water Park – you will find a water park with four slides, a great diving platform and an outdoor pool that is accessible all year round.

When it comes to natural pools of water,  Narva-Jõesuu beach is one of the most scenic in that respect. At 7.5km, the beach is the longest in Estonia and boasts a picturesque line of trees right on the sand slopes. Pärnu beach is the most famous Estonian beach and the city becomes a hub of excitement over the summer. In addition to the sea, there's usually heaps of attractions available just for the little ones.

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