West Estonia

Windsurfing training by Pärnu Surf Centre in Pärnu and elsewhere in Estonia

Windsurfing means riding on a surfboard and sailing upwind.
Windsurfing training is perfect for everybody who likes to actively spend time in nature.
We offer the best surfing equipment to make the learning process quicker. Our instructors have a lot of experience in training and are true professionals.
During trainings in Pärnu, you can enjoy the beach views of Pärnu from our surf centre's terrace, grab a refreshing drink from Surf Cafe, and visit the surf shop.

It is also possible to book us for your events, where we can train larger groups.
Additionally, you can rent SUP boards, kayaks, and trainer kites.


West Estonia

Opening times

15. may - 15. sept

Advanced booking only


Kesklinna rand, Pärnu linn, Pärnu linn, Pärnu maakond