Winebar Paar Veini

Paar Veini is a wine bar with a young vibe in the Old Town of Tallinn. It has a great atmosphere and regularly hosts trendy parties.

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  • Cool Place

    Its a very nice bar, its a good place to chill, take a drink and talk. The music gives to the bar an enviroment calm.

  • unfriendly people and discriminating service

    We went there with a friend to relax, and have a glass of wine. Whilst having a conversation with each-other, some random people started bullying us. Also the customer service was unfriendly.

  • Chillout Lounge

    I usually start my nightouts from Paar Veini. The loud deep house music with hipster atmosphere and having no seats to sit is all my favorite elements of this place. Totally recommending 'Bloody...

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