South Estonia

Wood Ants' Trail of Kiidjärve

Among the approximately 1 km study trail introducing the life of wood ants, the hiker can feel like a giant in the minuscule world of ants. In an area of 20 hectares there are 200 ant hills, the biggest of which is 1.7 m high; you can also admire the record-high spruce (42 m). The trail has signs, information boards, and bridges crossing ant highways.

The trail is for walking only. While hiking on the trail near ant hills, use only the bridges installed there. The Laari forest study trail starts on the other side of the railway.

The civilisation of ants offers an experience for both children and adults.

South Estonia

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Kiidjärve metskond 229, Kiidjärve küla, Põlva vald, Põlva maakond