Word Forest

Source: Visit Estonia

Word Forest

WordForest is a forest that is one of a kind – a forest that is a tribute to journalists and wordsmiths, the talkative and the courageous of the world.

Why in the forest in Oandu, Estonia?

Firstly, because Estonia regained its independence in 1991 thanks to the world press. The presence of journalists and their work influenced world politics and strengthened the local spirit.

Secondly, forests have a profound role in our several-thousand-year-old culture, and we have always believed in the power of the forest: almost two thirds of Estonians believe that trees have a soul. The Estonian forest is therefore the right place to think about the role of journalists in a broader sense. Not in a city park or in a park forest, but in a real forest, like the one here in Oandu.

What can you find in WordForest?

There are trees in WordForest that we have dedicated to journalists who have visited Estonia – one pine tree for one journalist. We have not forgotten about our own journalists either. The trees are designated by the name of the people in the order of their visits: the first ones visited us in the year of the restoration of independence in 1991; followed by those who came here in 2017, and so on. Let us acknowledge the work of these people!
Otherwise, the forest is like any other Estonian forest – peaceful and calming, rich in air and species, ordinary and, and the same time, mysterious.

What is the next step?

WordForest has a simple web site at www.wordforest.ee, where you can find the names of journalists mentioned in the woods and references to their work. Four times a year, at natural solstice days, we add new names to the trees.

WordForest can become the sanctuary of the world press, where everyone can take a look at the thoughts of people who have covered Estonia in the media. This, however, depends on you, on your faith in the power of words and in the peace of the forest, on your ability to distinguish good media from media noise and fake news, and the significant from the insignificant.

Thank you!

As a forest nation, we appreciate the power of words, especially after the world press helped us regain independence. We take great pride in our forests and land and it is therefore our duty to maintain our forests and help them grow while wisely using what they have to offer. Enjoy nature and spend some time with yourself! WordForest is the perfect location for it.