Workshop in a Russian farm for a doll filled with herbs (Travnitsa)

Workshop in a Russian farm for a doll filled with herbs (Travnitsa)

Soomra küla, Pärnu


Make a doll with ancient traditions by using your own hands!

Travnitsa, the traditional Russian doll, is a doll filled with herbs, which people in the past used for scaring off diseases and evil.

The doll is prepared with traditional techniques, in which each detail, colour, and herb has its own meaning and power. We use natural materials, such as cotton or linen, wool, and plants grown in a natural environment.

The workshop, which has been recognised with the Estonian Ehtne ja Huvitav (Genuine and Interesting) quality mark, is of a medium difficulty and perfect for adults.
The workshop lasts for approximately 1.5 hours.
It is also possible to hold the workshop at your home!

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When coming from Pärnu, drive through Kihelpa. In about 5 km after Kihelpa, turn to Soomra Vana Road and drive straight for about 900 m, until you see a small log cottage, where you can leave your vehicle.

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