Linnaisa Kahvila

Linnaisa kahvila on Jõhvin keskustan pääkadulla sijaitseva 30-paikkainen ruokailupaikka. Tarjoamme viihtyisässä kahvilassa eurooppalaisen keittiön antimia hyvällä hinta-laatu suhteella.

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  • Not the best place

    The food was quite good but the service not. We waited for our pancakes for 45 minutes. The kitchen workers were sitting in the dining room and chatting.

  • Smells bad

    I have been here several times and now it seems to get worse. Cafe is in old unrenovated building. I didn't notice strong smell of mould earlier but maybe it is due to winter when there is no...

  • Not only linnaisa' cafe :)

    I totally love that place! I am from Jõhvi and Linnaisa cafe is one of my favorite places of my hometown. I love green and red design - it's deep and cosy. That retro pictures and big windows make...

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