Lähde: Pagaripoisid Vana-Lõuna kohvik

Pagaripoisid Vana-Lõuna kahvila

Pagaripoisid edustuskahvila Tallinnan keskustassa. Kaupungin suurin valikoima leipomo- ja konditoriatuotteita, suolaisia ja makeita. Kahvilassa on myös valikoima suolaisia ruokia - salaatteja, voileipiä ja wrappeja.

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  • No frills, good prices

    Simple Cafe with no frills but lots of variety in cakes and pastries that are produced in large facilities next door. You can buy the cakes and pastries also in shops and supermarkets across town...

  • Pies or cookies...

    this is place I would call more- bakery with the tables. Selection of the different pies and cookies is really big. Nice place for breakfast or cafe. All pies, cookies and truffles are locally made.

  • Best quality cake to order in Tallinn

    It's all about cakes, pies, cookies and candys when I think about this place Pagaripoisid. This time we ordered cake for school graduation event, printed photo on it - what a nice surprise..

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