Pizza Merano

Listallamme on 17 erilaista ohutpohjaista pitsaa kahta eri kokoa. Lisukkeita voi valita myös oman maun mukaan. Pizzan valmistumisaika on noin 15 minuuttia, ellei ole jonoa. Pizzan voi tilata myös etukäteen.

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  • Good pizza

    Pizza taste good and good service. Taste with local touch. Kind personnel, low price, waiting time little long even if we was the only one ordering at the moment.

  • Warm, cozy atmosphere and good pizza

    We came here twice because they serve really good vegetarian options, which are hard to find in Otepaa. The staff was very friendly, the service was great and the prices quite reasonable.

  • Unique and welcoming

    With a friendly smile and good service you get a uniquely great tasting pizza if you don't spoil the taste with tomato sauce . It doubles as a bar so you can hang around after your pizza for some...

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