Vierasmaja Rõuge Suurjärve Külalistemaja

Rõuge Suurjärve Külalistemajan mukava isäntäväki odottaa Sinua ihanan Rõugen sydämessä. Vierasmaja sijaitsee Rõugen keskutassa mäen päällä, josta avautuu näköala Viron syvimmälle järvelle - Rõuge Suurjärvelle, jossa voi uida, kalastaa ja veneillä.

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  • Nice experience and fun time

    Very friendly, understanding and warm welcome. The owners are with very good humor. They serve fantastic country style breakfast. The place has fantastic view to Rõuge lake. If you like to go...

  • OK for groups

    We stayed mid-week in early June. We had the place to ourselves, and indeed virtually the village to ourselves. The only restaurant in town was allegedly open but in reality no one around. We ended...

  • A night in the hill Country

    Lovely setting, clean rooms, a little on the small size. Excellent amenities, friendly hosts. Only drawback was that there was absolutely no where for miles to get an evening meal. Come prepared...

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