Artura Šašliku bārs

Artura Šašliku bārs atrodas pie Tallinas-Narvas šoseja (E20) Vītnas kroga un Vītnas ezeru tuvumā. Piedāvājam armēņu nacionālos ēdienus, mūsu ēdienkartē ir galvenokārt uz dzīvās uguns uzcepti šašliku ēdieni no dažādām gaļām.

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  • Great value, great food

    Although this place is very well-known for its shashlik, I still enjoyed the Greek salad and pancakes. They were great! My mate who ate shashlik and a few other dishes liked them quite a lot and he...

  • Crowded, slow and average

    If you happen to pop by on a summer afternoon/evening on a hot day, thinking that a sort of remote place like Artur would be a peaceful place for a quick bite, think again. As a fairly decent...

  • Reasonable place to eat

    If you are hungry, it is a good choice to eat. Even small portions are big enough to to fulfill your appetite. The regular šašlõk was a bit chewy but the taste was good.

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