Restorāns "Chez André"

Palutini sevi, savus draugus un paziņas - izbaudi mūsu gastronomisko sniegumu.
Mūsu ēdienkarte atvērs Jums durvis uz garšu pasauli, sākot no izsmalcinātiem á la carte ēdieniem, līdz pat ideju vakaru pārsteigumiem.

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  • Flawless mastery

    Convenient location and beautiful interior. High expectations were met totally. Nothing to complain about. A variety of foods on the menu, each one deserving it’s price. Classically fancy fine dining...

  • Pleasant evening with good food

    Had a nice evening with my friends, we enjoyed some good food that was paired well with the wine we had. Small details could have been better (speed and attentiveness of our waitress) but overall it...

  • Absolute disappointment

    We were absolutely gutted to find out the place did not serve any vegetarian dishes allthough it was advertised as being suitable for vegetarians. Made a table reservation and all and were still...

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