Restorāns "Chez André"

Palutini sevi, savus draugus un paziņas - izbaudi mūsu gastronomisko sniegumu.
Mūsu ēdienkarte atvērs Jums durvis uz garšu pasauli, sākot no izsmalcinātiem á la carte ēdieniem, līdz pat ideju vakaru pārsteigumiem.

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  • Just excellent!

    If you want to get a good surprise, pick Chez Andre - delicious and tasty, interesting, surprising... more then you know to expect.

  • Fabulous dinner during Tasty Tartu

    Visited the restaurant during Tasty Tartu - totally surprising experience! We’ve had comparable meals in Michelin star restaurants. Super innovative, unexpected in a good way. Service was pleasant...

  • Very good lunch buffet.

    We had the lunch buffet, which at €6 is very good value. The dishes are small, but topped up regularly so everything tasted very fresh. There was a lovely selection of salads and also hot dishes. We...

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