Restorāns "Chez André"

Palutini sevi, savus draugus un paziņas - izbaudi mūsu gastronomisko sniegumu.
Mūsu ēdienkarte atvērs Jums durvis uz garšu pasauli, sākot no izsmalcinātiem á la carte ēdieniem, līdz pat ideju vakaru pārsteigumiem.

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  • Excellent choice for the dinner

    Probably not the cheapest restaurant in Tattto but it is worth the money. Excellent food and service.

  • Kept quality also under new name

    It was some eight years ago we previously were in Tartu. Then this restaurant had different name. Years have gone, but again we were very happy with their food. As local strawberry season was on...

  • Really bad experience

    I went to this restaurant for the first time to eat and had checked online their menu, to be sure that my sister could also take something (she doesnt eat meat). When we arrived, they only gave some...

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