Taverna Kreisi

Plašais krogs Kreisi atrodas Paides vecpilsētā. Dažādās zālēs kopumā ir 150 vietas. Nedēļas nogalēs apmeklētājus priecē dzīvās mūzikas vakari.

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  • Cozy place, tasty food

    We were there with a big group and went eating during 5 days. Our food was simple but tasteful. We also enjoyed nice party with DJ there in the evening. Staff vey friendly and helpful. All...

  • No food

    We came there at 8pm and sat in the table. After few minutes waitress came and told that we have to come to the desk, if we want to order something. So we went on the desk and found there menus by...

  • If you want to eat, make sure you're there When kitchen is open

    In the middle of week, there was a group of people, around 12 of us. We wanted to eat and relax after working outside the whole day. First of all, no waitress came to tell us the food should be...

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