Tervise Paradiis SPA restorāns

A la carte restorāns ir izvietots ūdens atpūtas centra Tervise Paradiis 2. stāvā. Restorānā, no kura logiem paveras gleznains skats uz jūru, Jūs gaida izsmalcināti ēdieni un kvalitatīvi vīni. Restorānā ir 50 vietas.

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  • A positive surprise

    We did not expect too much when we came to have a lunch in this empty hotel restaurant. We had beef cheek with seasonal vegetables, and were very satisfied. The beef was very good and the vegetables...

  • Trying but not quite there

    Came as it was the hotel restaurant and it was handy. Food wasn't quite as expected on the menu - starter ordered was 'avocado/vermicelli/tomato dressing' and what arrived was a salad with a small...

  • Overpriced lunch

    We visited this place for a family lunch. The young waitress who was serving us at the table was very pleasant and professional, worth a tip. The food was served nicely. But I must say, that they...

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