Artur's Shashlik Bar

Artur's Shashlik Bar is located in the vicinity of Viitna lakes, just next to Tallinn-Narva highway and Viitna tavern. We offer Armenian cuisine and mostly meat dishes, above all, shashlik grilled on charcoale.


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  • Nu-nu-ke Nu-nu-ke

    Good value for the money

    The portions are huge and fast service. Very good shashlik but the salad is not that good for my taste. Do not go there if you expect a la carte menu or top-class restaurant.

  • MerleOun MerleOun

    Best Armenian national food

    I like the food made in here. A lot of herbs and tastes from a youth country, far from Estonia. Very different from the Estonian national food. And very taste by the way!

  • Tarmo R Tarmo R

    A big disappointment

    This is one of those dinners, when I chose the restaurant based on earlier reviews found in these pages. The place is like any cafeteria nearby the road. The menu consists on pictures in a plastic...

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