Canoeing on the Kooraste lakes - a adventure for true nature enthusiasts

The adventure on the Kooraste lakes takes in 11 different bodies of water – Lakes Vidrike, Voki, Lambahanna, Nahajärv, Sinikejärv, Lubjaahju, Liinu, Pikkjärv, Vaaba, Hatsike and Kooraste Suurjärv – connected by the narrow, winding Sillaotsa River. About 200 meters from the river, in the Kõrgemäe grove, there is an ancient sacrificial site.

Every lake and section of the river is unique, making the journey diverse and interesting at every turn. A primeval valley, beaver dams and wild nature are just some of the things you will see and experience on this trip.

During spring, there is plenty of water, but at drier times of year, there are some sections where you may have to carry your canoe with you! The water in the lakes is normally warm in summer, making them perfect for swimming.

For groups of 4 and up.

Features and amenities
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