Härma Walls in the Piusa River Ancient Valley

The Upper Härma wall or Keldri wall is Estonia's highest Devonian sandstone outcrop, where the edge of the valley reaches a height of 43 metres. The 150-metre outcrop extends to a height of 19 metres. The Lower Härma or Kõlgusniidu wall is 20.5 metres high - a projecting rock and one of the most beautiful walls in the Piusa Ancient Valley for its brightly coloured layers of clay and majestic pyramid shape. You can camp and make fires in the meadow at the bend in the river.

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Härmä küla, Meremäe vald, Võru maakond

Getting there

Driving from Võru on the Räpina road, continue to Kääpa and turn off to the right where you see the sign for 'Obinitsa'. Drive to the village of Lindora, where on your left you will see the partially overgrown Lake Tabina. Drive straight ahead for around 1 km. You will see Lindora fairground on your left as well as a couple of houses. Passing them, a sign will point you off to the left towards the outcrops. Turn here and continue for around 1.5 km to Jõeveere farm. Leave your car in the car park and continue on foot along the village road. Within 20 minutes or so you will come to the sign for the Lower Wall. For the Upper Wall, continue straight ahead.


  • Signposted
  • On foot only

Stops nearby

Bus: Lindora


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