Jägala Waterfall

Jägala Waterfall is a waterfall in the lower course of the Jägala River, approximately 4 km before the river flows into the Gulf of Finland. The waterfall is approx. 8 metres in height and more than 50 metres in width. It is the widest natural waterfall in Estonia.
The waterfall is a peculiar sight to see in winter, when the water mass frozen in cold weather becomes a glistening ice wall with large icicles. A tunnel surrounded in both sides by ice may be formed in between the ice hanging down from the edge of the waterfall and the wall of waterfall. Interesting to know: - In terms of fishery the lower course of the Jägala River from the waterfall to the river mouth is one of the most valuable ones in Estonia – large trout and salmon resources can be found here.


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  • Stefanie K Stefanie K


    Beautiful even at a rainy day. There are seats present directly at the waterfall, but only after some steps. So that part is not wheel chair accessible.

  • 509kunala 509kunala

    Visit in April

    It's beautiful and the water is red. Wonder why though. The surrounding area is also green and quite. It's a good place for picnic and can be readily reached within 30 mins from Tallinn

  • enochzenithimyuen enochzenithimyuen

    Amazing waterfall with fossils next to it!

    I went there at April and the waterfall was splendid! You can freely walk near the waterfall and take some really nice pictures. Also, there are fossils next to it which are also quite interesting!

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