Juuru Church of St. Michael

Church is dedicated to archangel Michael. From 14th century initial building partly remained rare in Estonian triple window situated in the east wall of the chorus.
In 19th century building got its appearance in neo-gothic style under command on architect Ervin Bernhard. Interesting to know: - Here there is round the world traveller admiral A. J. Krusenstern's family burial place - Baroque pulpit is derives from Chr. Ackermann's workshop - In the church garden you can see 5 ring crosses from limestone. One of them has the writing: ”Sihn maggab Paia Jost üx auwus vannamees…” (Here sleeps Paia Jost, one honest old man...) - Altar derives from J. Rabe's workshop - Juuru church has beautiful stained glass windows - South gate of church garden has sundial

Features and amenities
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