Kütiorg — the deepest primeval valley in Estonia

Kütirog is the biggest and grandest primeval valley in Estonia. The valley is 4.7 kilometres long, 250–600 metres wide and 70 metres deep. Iskna creek flows in the bottom. The woods on the sides of Kütiorg include spruces older than a century and aspens which are exceptionally thick and tall. The mountain sides are cut by gullies the water has made: Suur tsori, Rebäsetsori, Juudijõõratus and others. On the north-eastern side of the valley you'll find Tammetsõõr and Ilmamägi, where sacrifices were performed. There are three watermills in the northern part of the valley, one of which is in working order. Kütiorg is part of the Haanja Nature Park  and a special management zone begins north of the ski lift on the eastern side of the valley.

Features and amenities
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