Matsalu National Park

The area of Matsalu National Park is 48,610 hectares, and it was created to protect the nesting, moulting and migrating birds.
In 1976, Matsalu National Park was entered in the list Ramsar wetlands.
The national park encompasses Matsalu Bay, the lower course of the River Kasari, coastal reeds, the flooded meadows of the River Kasari, coastal pastures, wooded meadows and about 50 islands. The centre of the national park is at the restored Penijõe Manor.
Matsalu is an internationally important stopover for various migrating waterfowl and coastal birds.
Interesting facts: there are many nature trails and 7 birdwatching towers in Matsalu.

The protection guidelines for the Matsalu National Park are available online in Estonian.


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  • Blumit Blumit

    Amazing birdwatching experience

    Matsalu National Park is one of the biggest bird habitats in Europe. First we visited the cultural center and watched a photo collage about different times of year. The we took the guided boat tour...

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    ハープサルからパルヌに向かう途中に、この国立公園があることを発見して寄ってみた。 マッツァル湾の北側の半島だけしか行っていないが、掲載した写真のような野鳥観測所が整備されていたものの、肝心の野鳥の姿はなし。 帰りに半島の北側を走る112号線を通って半島先端まで行ってみたが、その途中の方が野鳥の大群を見ることができたので、野鳥飛来の時期を調べてから行かないと意味がないのかもしれない。 とはいえ、何...

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Penijõe küla, Lihula vald, Lääne maakond

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