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Memorial Tablet of the Northern Sons of Finland

A black granite memorial tablet bearing almost 200 names was installed on the wall of the Valga Jaani (St John’s) Church in 1934 in remembrance of the Finnish volunteers who fell in the Paju Battle of the War of Independence. The polar bear sign of the Northern Sons Regiment is shown on the shield above the stone. In 1940 the memorial tablet was demolished with pickaxes by the order of communists. The memorial tablet was reopened on the 80th anniversary of the Paju Battle in 1999.
Interesting facts: * the memorial tablet was opened in 1934 by President Konstantin Päts; * the first table was made in Finland and the second one in Tartu; * donations for the second tablet were collected by Ylistaro Rural Municipality (Finland) at the initiative of Ossi Salo.

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    В память о братской помощи.

    На стене собора Святого Яна (или Джона) в девяностые годы была установлена памятная мемориальная доска с именами финских воинов-добровольцев, принимавших участие с Паюском сражении за независимость...

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