Museum of Occupations

The permanent exhibition and films at the Museum of Occupations introduce the occupation era, repressions, national resistance, and the Singing Revolution in Estonia between 1940–1991, when Estonia was occupied alternately by the Soviet Union, Germany, and again by the Soviet Union.

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  • Roger S Roger S
    Interesting History

    The Occupation Museum is very interesting. It show the history of the occupation by the Soviets and the hardships the people went through.

  • FDAdam FDAdam
    Disturbing in a wrong way

    This museum disturbingly underplays the atrocities committed by the Nazis in 1941-44. This apparently to point out the Soviets as the real enemy without too much distractions. Watch for example the...

  • Mair M Mair M

    As museums go it certainly wasn't the best we've visited .There was too much going on at the same time i.e. about six small screens with commentary too close together making it difficult to...

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