Nõmme Museum

The permanent exhibition in the Nõmme Museum, which is located in one wing of the historical Nõmme Railway Station, presents the history of Nõmme as an independent town fro 1926 to 1940 and the earlier years starting with the founding of Nõmme by Nikolai von Glehn at the end of the 19th century. There are two exhibition halls in the museum as well as a model office, for a total area of 142.7 sq. metres. The displays have been collected from Nõmme residents, and additional items come from the Tallinn City Museum, where the collections of the first Nõmme Museum are in storage. In addition to the permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions are also held at the museum.

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  • Shirley T Shirley T
    Born to be FREE

    This museum is a history of Estonia and it's people under their occupation by Russia. Estonia was finally given back it's independence. The museum is a "graveyard" of former Russian leaders statues...

  • 46erling46 46erling46
    Museum och Järnvägsstation i samma byggnad !

    Tar man tåget från Tallinn och kliver av vid Nömme station, bara in i stationsbyggnaden för i den finns Nömme Museum ! Det var många som fotade i Nömme i början av 1900-talet och en del av fotona...

  • 46erling46 46erling46
    Intressant museum i f.d. staden NÖMME !

    I dag hittar man museét i Nömme Stadsdel, en knapp mil söder om centrala Tallinn.Till Nömme kommer man med tåg eller bussar !

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