Jägala Waterfall

Jägala Waterfall is a waterfall in the lower course of the Jägala River, approximately 4 km before the river flows into the Gulf of Finland. The waterfall is approx. 8 metres in height and more than 50 metres in width. It is the widest natural waterfall in Estonia.
The waterfall is a peculiar sight to see in winter, when the water mass frozen in cold weather becomes a glistening ice wall with large icicles. A tunnel surrounded in both sides by ice may be formed in between the ice hanging down from the edge of the waterfall and the wall of waterfall. Interesting to know: - In terms of fishery the lower course of the Jägala River from the waterfall to the river mouth is one of the most valuable ones in Estonia – large trout and salmon resources can be found here.

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  • Jérôme P Jérôme P
    Nice thing to view

    You would not spend your day there but it is worth staying a while. Even though it is not so high, the waterfall is quite impressive as when you stay at the top it looks like the ground is...

  • Tompy50 Tompy50
    Picturesque Location

    Went here on a tour of Laheema National Park and it was such a great location to get a taste of the Estonian countryside. Parking is really close by and you can get nice and close to the waterfall...

  • Colin M Colin M
    Great Waterfall!

    Very impressive waterfall! Parking very close to it and well worth seeing. A path goes along side it too. The water looks brown as it cascades over.

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