Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The large and richly decorated Russian Orthodox church, designed in a mixed historicist style, was completed on Toompea Hill in 1900, when Estonia was part of the Czarist Empire.
The well-maintained cathedral is one of the most monumental examples of Orthodox sacral architecture in Tallinn. Tallinn’s most powerful ensemble of church bells is located in the church towers. It comprises 11 bells, including Tallinn’s largest bell, which weighs 15 tonnes. Carillons by the entire ensemble can be heard before services. The interior, which is decorated with mosaics and icons, is worth a visit.

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  • tomdibling tomdibling
    beautiful Orthodox cathedral

    Up on the highest level of old town Tallinn sits a wonderfully restored Orthodox cathedral. It's even free to get into which is unlike all the rest of the churches in the historic district.

  • Ramona001 Ramona001
    Russian orthodox architecture, very beautiful inside and out

    We had never seen or been inside a Russian orthodox cathedral so it was particularly impressive to us. We just marveled at the outside ! Inside also lovely and we soon learned that this...

  • DeanMurphy2020 DeanMurphy2020
    Onion dome spires

    At the edge of Old Town on Toompea Hill and near Kiek in de Kok, this cathedral sports five gray modified onion-dome spires, an architectural influence from Russian occupation. This is a Russian...

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