Observation tower on Suur Munamägi

Suur Munamägi is the highest point in the Baltics and stands at 318 metres from sea level. The observation tower on Suur Munamägi provides a splendid view of Estonian nature within the range of 50 km. The existing tower is the 6th in number; it was built in 1939 and reconstructed in 1969; its present height is 29.1 metres. The tower was renovated again in 2005 and an elevator was added to its back side.
Interesting to know:
  • when standing on the top of the tower, you will be 346.7 metres above sea level.
  • the very first tower was built in 1812 by soldiers and under the supervision of a Russian officer.


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    • Henrik Z Henrik Z

      Nice view

      Located at the highest point in Estonia, you will get a nice view. However Estonia is flat as a pancake, so it is not a big deal. In summer time is can be crowded with tourists and then I would...

    • Tagg2244 Tagg2244

      Stunning 360° panorama

      Located on top of the highest hill in the Baltic states, you can look east into Russia, south and southwest into Latvia, and west and north into the surrounding Estonian countryside. The panorama is...

    • AnnesOrg AnnesOrg

      Amazing view from the top! Good cafe up there too! :)

      That observation tower offers a really amazing view on the South-Estonian landscapes. With clear weather you might even see to Russia. I also had a super-delicious coffee at the Cafe 318 (located in...

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    Suur Munamägi, Haanja küla, Haanja vald, Võru maakond

    Getting there

    Haanja is about 12 km from the border of Võru. From the Haanja village centre drive further for about 1 km and you will find the parking lot of the observation tower on your left. From there you can take a footpath with stairs to the hill and up to the observation tower.


    • Signposted
    • By public transport
    • By car
    • Sealed access road
    • By excursion bus

    Stops nearby

    Bus: Haanja


    57°43'8''N 27°3'10''E | Download GPX file