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Otepää Hill Fort

The Otepää hill fort is one of the 21 Southern Estonian places worth discovering that are marked by a yellow National Geographic window; if you are interested in spending your holiday in the nature, it is definitely worth a visit.

Come and walk to the top of the Otepää hill fort. The hill is about thirteen thousand years old; its absolute height is 165.6 m above sea level. You will see the ruins of the stone stronghold established by Bishop Herman in 1224 on hilltop and take in the views of the city of Otepää and the surrounding nature.
Here stood one of the strongest strongholds of Ancient Estonia; additionally, the oldest known firearm in the world was found on this hill.

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  • Елена Л Елена Л
    Городская гора

    Что-то неизведанное и притягивающее для неспешной прогулки. С высоты виден город, особенно красиво в темное время.

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