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Rakvere Kuursaal

Opened in summer 2005, this banquet hall provides an opportunity to organize festivities and banquets with a good number of guests, as there are seats for up to 200 people. The hall is surrounded by a large garden and small ponds, our foods are delicious and prices friendly. A young couple throwing their wedding party at the Kuursaal can spend the night in the suite apartment - for free.
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  • KaisaJoe KaisaJoe
    Lovely place for a cheap meal

    The interior ooks better than before after their refurb and there is a nice outdoor area. Prices are incredibly cheap ranging from 2-5 euros per person. Food is very tasty and there is a nice salad...

  • KaisaJoe KaisaJoe
    perfect value for money

    This a really cheap lunch place. Food is really good. Only problem is that foreigners would have difficulties with understanding the menu.

  • Ig0r2014 Ig0r2014
    Павильон Kuur-Saal

    Одноэтажное застеклённое здание, рассчитанное на примерно 120 человек примыкает к отелю Wesenbergh. Вокруг небольшой красивый садик с прудом и цветами. Летом работает открытый павильон. Открыт только...

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