Räpina polder conservation area

Räpina polder on the banks of Lake Lämmijärv is a bird-nesting area of international importance. It is a place of nesting and migrating through for many protected bird species. Of the species that nest here, the prominent ones from the perspective of bird protection are corn crake, black tern and little gull, to whom the Räpina polder is one of the best areas in Estonia. Of the migratory birds, the most important species are crane and white-fronted goose. The polder is an important place of nesting and stopping also for waterfowls and Charadriiformers. Up to 1.5 million birds pass through this area during the migration period. The area is the most important assembling area of migratory birds in Eastern Estonia. There are watchtowers for bird watching.

Features and amenities
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