Rapla stone bridge

This bridge, which crosses the Vigala River, was built in place of the former wooden bridge in the late 19th century. A reinforced concrete structure was superimposed on the old bridge in 2009, and pedestrian bridges were added on either side.
Did you know…? *The renovated bridge is the only one of its kind in the country *The stone bridge is on the coat of arms of Rapla municipality *A café operates under the bridge on Rapla Day where the dress code is galoshes *River rallies have been held on the river under the bridge, and performances have been given on top of it *Mermaids have even been spotted in the river! *Bring a sandwich, come and park yourself by the river and enjoy some time to yourself! You might not spy any mermaids, but you’re sure to see some ducks!

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  • Shamio Shamio
    Just sit. Relax. Enjoy.

    Walking by the river, just sitting on a bench and admiring the view to the river and also to the bridge, that is a really great thing to do. Even if you're busy and on your way to some other place...

  • jetpilotsimmo jetpilotsimmo
    Nice bridge in a lovely town

    Nice bridge with a good interpretation board. Worth a stop off and look. It's close to the church so you can look at both attractions

  • Cpucc001 Cpucc001
    Fabulous sight!

    Adorable center piece to this gem of a town in the center of Estonia. Rapla has a fun and free spirit and a simple walk along this river shows it perfectly anytime of year :)

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