Source: Pakri Saarte Arenduse SA

Sea safari around the Pakri islands

Sea safari around the islands (about 1.5 hours at sea) with stops on Väike-Pakri and Suur-Pakri (if the weather allows).

The length of the entire trip depends on the duration of the stops.

During the safari, we are going to pass Kurkse Strait, catch waves north from Suur-Pakri, set our feet down on the north-eastern part of Suur-Pakri, admire a view of the Väike-Pakri bluff from the sea, walk around Väikeküla village on Väike-Pakri, and if you'd like, visit the local chapel.

You can have a picnic on either one of the islands.

This is probably the best offer price in North Estonia!

A sea safari group should consist of up to 11 people; clients should put together their own groups.

Features and amenities
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