St. Birgitta’s Convent Ruins

The history of the ruins rising above the banks of the Pirita River date back to 1407, when the largest nunnery in Old Livonia was founded here. The convent that got its name from St. Birgitta that has founded the mother convent in Sweden, survived in its original form until 1577, when the forces of Ivan the Terrible destroyed it. The massive façade, walls, cellars and graveyard has survived until the present. The ruins are a beloved venue for summer concerts.

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  • EarthwalkerEU EarthwalkerEU
    History and serenity

    Lovely walk inside the ruins and in the surrounding small cemetery. There is also a functioning modern convent right next to it. So the birgitines are back, although not in the same building. I like...

  • Ed S Ed S
    Peaceful and fun visit

    Ruins of the 15th century convent, destroyed in 1575, are nice - not much left of the convent or the auxiliary buildings, but the remains of the large church are imposing. Exploring the grounds and...

  • Kate K Kate K

    The best experience in Tallin! Has such an eery, charming atmosphere to it. THe cemetry and the ruins make for geat picks.

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