St. John’s Church in Tallinn

This three-nave church in neo-Gothic style at the heart of the city on Freedom Square was completed in 1867.

The smart design of the altar and the painting Christ on the Cross (Karl Gottlieb Wenig, colourful stained-glass windows by Eva-Aet Jänes) and the chandeliers which are older than the building itself, make the church radiant. The oldest church bell with an Estonian text is also located in the church tower (1872). 

The church is offset by the functionalist and art deco buildings.

Major construction work took place around the church in the 1930s when the Freedom Square began to look like it looks today, and turned into a place suitable for pedestrians.

The church is also a popular concert venue.

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  • Satu56 Satu56
    Simple stylish church

    This church is stylish - gothic, very simple medim size church. Very peaceful as there is not too much decorations. Good Place if you want to be a moment with your thoughts.

  • TheGlacierist TheGlacierist
    Nice exterior

    A relatively new church built in the nineteenth century. I guess its best asset is its exterior although its Gothic appearance is not in harmony with other buildings in the freedom square.

  • John L John L
    A jarring contrast to other buildings in Freedom Square

    The Gothic Church was completed in 1867 and is certainly a contrast to the neighbourhood! Apparently proposals to demolish the church were made in the 1930s and 1950s, with no success. The church...

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