St Olaf's Church in Tallinn

St Olaf's Church in Tallinn, the city's biggest medieval structure, took its name from the sainted Norwegian king Olav II Haraldsson. The church was first mentioned in 1267. It became one of the main churches in the Lower Town and formed its own congregation, which at first mostly comprised Scandinavian merchants and craftsmen and few Estonians.

The evangelical preachings of the then chaplain of the church, Zacharias Hasse, led to the start of the reformation in Tallinn in 1523.

Did you know...?
*Lightning is known to have struck the tower of the church around ten times, three of which led to extensive fires – in 1625, 1820 and 1931

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  • Jihyun J Jihyun J
    Nice city view

    You will see the city and sea from the top. Nice city view just for 2 euro. But be careful when you climb up - it is super narrow and slippery, and there is not enough space to move if you meet...

  • Stephen T Stephen T
    A nice church

    A nice church, I can't personally remember as much of it as I've been through so many when I returned that stood out, everywhere I went in Tallinn though was amazing.

  • miasmith miasmith
    The best view of Tallinn

    This used to be the highest church tower in Europe for a couple of hundred years in te Middle Ages and now, if the weather is fine, it's possible to climb up the tower and enjoy magnificent views of...

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