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Tallinn Gate

Tallinn gate is the only surviving 17th century gate with an embankment in the Baltic Countries; until 1710, it was known as Carl Gustav (the King's) Gate. From the gate, a bridge led across the trench to a postal road to Tallinn. The author of the gate is probably Erik Dahlberg; he constructed similar King's Gates and bastions in Narva and Riga as well.
During the teardown of the fortification in the 19th century, only the Tallinn Gate was preserved, as well as the embankments and the trench that leads to the Venus Bastion at the riverside – the so called Vallikäär.

Today, visitors are welcome to walk through the monumental Baroque gate and marvel at the beautiful beach district of Pärnu!

During summers, a café with a terrace is open here.

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  • westerntraveler2013 westerntraveler2013
    Obvious must see attraction

    This gate is clearly an important site in Parnu and well worth visiting and walking along the park and former city walls. The old town is small and can easily be seen in an afternoon.

  • Uldis V Uldis V
    Nice sample of quazi fortification architecture

    Of course these gates in present shape can not withstand any military action, but it is very nice sample of representation constructions from early 19 century.

  • mmikko mmikko
    A Historical gate

    Old kings gate, and part of Pärnu city wall. There are restaurant beside. A nice place, canal and waterfountain in front, the bridge over anl is lighted at night.

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