Tallinn Town Hall Square

Town Hall Square has been a market place and the centre of this old Hanseatic town since the Middle Ages. It became the centre of the Lower Town at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries.

As a square it plays an important role today as well - in summer it is filled with outdoor cafes, plays host to the Old Town Days and other medieval festivals, is a venue for open air concerts and fairs and more. In winter it becomes a magical Christmas market, the centrepiece of which is a towering spruce tree. The tradition of celebrating Christmas festivities here dates back to 1441, when the Brotherhood of the Blackheads are thought to have erected the world's very first Christmas tree.

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  • comfortnurse comfortnurse
    Surprising, resilient and wonderful

    Hearing what the Estonians went through during the Soviet occupation after the war, and seeing their town hall was an eye-opening experience.

  • genibre69 genibre69
    Interesting exhibits and some beautiful architecture

    Some very interesting placards here although the English translations are not 100% spot-on. But I enjoyed reading on the different clothing styles of the medieval periods as well as on tapestries...

  • Goldeneye64 Goldeneye64
    Love the crocs sticking out of the wall!

    Gorgeous and interesting building, with a covered walkway beneath, sitting on the main square. I was fascinated by the interesting artwork on the building too!

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