Tammsaare Park

Tammsaare Park is located in the centre of Tallinn, between the Estonia Theatre and Viru Keskus shopping centre. In 1896, one corner of the park became the new site of Tallinn's market, which was formerly located on Town Hall Square. From 1903-1905 the park was home to a giant wooden 'Interimstheater' - a barn-type hall that was a venue for theatre performances and cinema screenings.

When this building burnt down, the space was landscaped and pathways were constructed.

In 1978 a statue of A. H. Tammsaare was erected in the centre of the park, designed by Soans and Luup), to mark the Estonian author's 100th birthday.

There are 46 species of trees and bushes in the park, including a number of rare trees. The park was placed under protection in 2004.


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  • TheGalcierist TheGalcierist

    Just a park

    Sometimes a landmark does not deserve to be classified as one especially if it lies in a city with lots of other impressive landmarks. This is a clear example of it. A simple park listed as a...

  • Triinuh Triinuh

    Nothing special to see

    It is just a park, nothing very nice, nothing of special interest. Just a place to have a seat if your feet are very tired. However, the park is more interesting in winter when there happens to be an...

  • Valenti1 Valenti1

    молодежное место

    Парк с памятником эстонскому писателю Антону Хансену Таммсааре и скульптурой "Морской девы" является одним из самых любимых мест сбора молодежи

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