Ungru manor

The ruins of the Ungru manor used to represent one of the most impressive Neo-Baroque buildings in Estonia, although it never was really finished. Its sophisticated footprint and the numerous baroque volute ornaments on its gables are characteristic for the castle.
Interesting to know: The Ungru Manor was an almost exact copy of the Merseburg castle in Germany. After World War II the manor fell into the hands of Soviet troops, in 1968 the chief of the airport decided to use the ruins of the manor to fill in the holes in the runway. About one third of the manor was torn down, fortunately the rest was preserved until today. Compare the neat ruins of the manor to the contrasting Soviet airfield remains next to them

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  • Jan R Jan R
    The greatest attraction in Estonia

    The partly collapsed and ruined Ungru manor is one of the best attractions in Estonia. Magnificent photo ops. Easily accessible from the main road.

  • Tino R Tino R
    Pieni kartanon raunio vehreällä paikalla

    Goottihenkinen raunio 1800-luvun lopulta. Nopeasti katsottu, mutta jännittävä paikka vehreällä kentällä. Vieressä myös autio lentokenttä jossa piisaa uudempia raunioita ihmeteltäväksi. Huom. Sijainti...

  • Magnolia1775 Magnolia1775
    Стоит посетить!

    Замок Унгру - одни из лучших развалин, сохранившихся в Эстонии на сегодняшний день! Находится рядом с городом Хаапсалу, потому стоит заехать и посмотреть, находясь рядом. Место очень красивое, и...

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