Vihula manor

The first written record of Vihula manor in Lahemaa National Park dates back to 1501. At the time it belonged to the Danish baron Hans von Lode. The manor was damaged by fire during the Great Northern War, after which it was purchased by the Wekebros, who bequeathed it to their daughter's family, the von Helffreichs. In 1810 it was purchased in turn by Alexander von Schubert.
The manor you see today at Vihula was built during the era of the von Schuberts, between 1820 and 1880. It has since been fully restored and renovated, and now houses a fine restaurant and luxury spa hotel. It hosts concerts, conferences, weddings and other receptions. Did you know...? - Visitors are welcome to wander the grounds and admire the views of the manor


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  • Derettens Derettens

    One of the Palmse-Sagadi-Vihula triangle

    The main building now houses a spa hotel. On my first visit here in 2003, when the main house was empty and closed, I did discover to my delight, in the least attractive corner of the estate a small...

  • 100phalanx 100phalanx

    Top quality relaxing destination

    Think of it less as a "Manor" than almost a self-contained village of a resort. Two manor houses (the main one and then a smaller "mirror" copy facing it), plus 25 other buildings give you a feeling...

  • Anastasia_Shishkina Anastasia_Shishkina

    Amazing place to spend your weekends

    Have been to Vihula Manor for the weekends with family and really enjoyed it. Even though we are warned that the best time to go to this Manor is during summer, we still went there in January and now...

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