Nature and birdwatching tower in Loode oak forest

The nature and birdwatching tower in Loode oak forest was finished in 2003. The tower is located close to the city, in the recreation ground – in Loode oak forest which is under protection. The tower has today become a well known place to visit and a destination for nature tours for the people living in the town (and visitors). In the 1930s there was an outdoor café here where holidaymakers-visitors went for walks, they also took boat trips from the town. Even now it is possible to see the outlines of the former dockage in the beach sand at the head of the stone seawall. From the tower you can see the whole bay of Kuressaare, rich in birds, Roomassaare harbour, Abruka and Vahase islands, Suur Katla bay and Loode shallow-water coastal sea.

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