Biking at sunset on Tõnise Farm on Muhu IslandSource: Rivo Veber

Muhu Island

On the way to Saaremaa, you'll find an island where the mightiest character in the world — Time itself — takes a rest.

Muhu Island is a stopping point on the way to Saaremaa. But this idyllic island deserves an extended stay. 

On Muhu Island, nature and ancient traditions weave a unique tale, one which has not changed much over time. The highlights of Muhu include the village of Koguva with its stone fences, the Üügu bluffs, and one of Estonia’s oldest holy places, St. Catherine’s Church, with its pagan tombstones. 

Sample Muhu's famous leib. Admire intricate, colorful embroidery and traditional handicrafts. Look for doors painted with magical symbols, an ancient tradition in revival. Or partake in the island's most popular activity, enjoyed by locals and visitors alike — sit back and relax by the sea.

Source: Priidu Saart

How to get around

Life on Muhu Island moves at its own pace.

 Although the island may be small, add extra time to your itinerary so you can slow down and immerse yourself in its relaxed atmosphere.

A car ferry connects Kuivastu Harbor on Muhu Island with Virtsu Harbor on the Estonian mainland. The trip takes about 25 minutes. If you plan on taking a car on the ferry, book a ticket in advance, especially on weekends. 

Saaremaa and Muhu are connected by a causeway. Buses from Tallinn and other cities in Estonia usually stop on Muhu before traveling on to the city of Kuressaare on Saaremaa.

Arriving by boat? There are three small ports on Muhu: Lõunaranna, Koguva, and Kuivastu.

Source: Rivo Veber

Hike, bike, sail, SUP, and ride

Activities on Muhu tend to be foot-powered, wind-powered, or hoof-powered.

Luckily, this means there are options for all ages and skill levels. 

With the help of a local guide, you can walk from Muhu to nearby Kõinastu Island by wading through the shallow sea. Take off your shoes, roll up your pant legs, and let the seabed massage your soles. 

The Muhu Nature Trail is perfect for those interested in the island's military history as it goes past military installations that have now become overgrown and surrounded by wilderness.

The shallow waters around Muhu are also perfect for SUP adventures, or you can sit back and relax on the sailboat Moonland, a boat modeled after Viking Age sailing ships.

Multiple options are availabe for exploring the island by horseback; experienced riders can play a day trip with a picnic, while beginners can try a short ride at the farm or enjoy a carriage ride.


What to see and do on Muhu Island

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