Pärnu – the perfect destination for a spa holiday

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Pärnu – the perfect destination for a spa holiday

The incredible feeling of escaping the daily routine and arrive at a place where you will spoiled with various relaxing activities. And it is the best to do it while not having to make too long of a way. Right here in Estonia one can find unique spa hotels that offer the most incredible SPA procedures, as well as other entertainment options – such as bowling, water park, mini-golf and others. Moreover, almost all of the Pärnu spa hotels are located near the beautiful beach, providing a breath-taking view from the rooms.

Relaxing with family

The best way to spend free time is with your family. However, it is no rare occasion when spa and family seems an incompatible combination, as the little travellers are not so fond of relaxing in saunas. Therefore it is worth indulging into finding the best family-friendly spots. One of such is Tervise Paradiis in Pärnu. Not only is it a spa center, but also includes the largest water-park in Estonia which will drive all the kids crazy. Meanwhile the spa part of the hotel provides various relaxing procedures that will allow the parents to gain back the strength after an exhausting visit to water-park. And Rannahotell offers even children massages which little ones might like quite a lot.

Estonian spa

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Energetic recreation

More active people definitely prefer places that offer not only relaxing massages and bubble baths, but also some athletic activities. For example, aerobics, pilates, as well as swimming and even bowling. Such options are offered by almost all Pärnu hotels, and one of the most popular is Tervise Paradiis. And Strand SPA & Conference Hotel provides something quite interesting – mini-golf. The venue is designed in a devillish style which makes the place more fun. And one can also book the place for private events, such as birthdays and private tournaments.

Also, yoga and movement trainings have become more popular activities thanks to their ability to close up your mind while enjoying harmonic movements. And such activities are provided by Estonia Resort Hotel & SPA. In here, one can not only try out yoga, but also dance classes, Pilates and even Aerial Yoga.

Saunas for every taste

When attending a spa, one of the most integral activities is visiting the saunas. It is one of the most calming activities that boosts health and, of course, emotional state of mind. To have a steam and escape everyday stress – that should be enjoyed by everyone. Pärnu's popular hotel Tervise Paradise offer saunas that have been created by inspiration from all over the world – starting from Japan and ending with Persia. Also, the Viiking Hotel spa offers a unique sauna experience, as it is located in an authentic interior resembling an ancient cave. And Strand SPA & Conference Hotel provides not only the classical and steam saunas, but also the hot lava stone chairs where one can experience novel feelings.

Sauna traditions in Estonia are long

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Indulge into the world of spa

Of course the most important reasons for attending relaxing centres is a full spa programme experience. Massages and similar procedures can do wonders by releasing us from everyday anxiety and strained muscles. Hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and kinesitherapy are unique procedures, aimed at specific problematic zones, and one of the hotels that provides them is Viiking spa Hotel. One can also enjoy the hot lava stone or Indian scalp massage.

And in the brand new spa complex Anika of Rannahotell a vast selection of relaxing procedures has been introduced. One can enjoy sea salt and algae wrapping, as well as body toning wraps. And have you ever tried a Swedish or Thai foot massage? Be sure to do that!

Spa procedures with mud

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Health comes first

Just as important as enjoying a genuine relaxation, it is also significant to determine your health condition and what potential issues might appear on your body. For example, Viiking SPA Hotel offers its guests prophylactic health checks with the most modern Technologies. Here specialists will carry out comprehensive examinations and will give Professional advice on the necessary treatments. And spa centre Health Centre & Hotel Wasa has applied a rather different way for treatments, such as paraffin wax procedure, medical gymnastics and different examinations to determine the guest's health condition before starting up any further procedures.

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