St. Catherine's Church in Pärnu

Vee tänav 8, Pärnu linn, Pärnu

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Completed in 1768, the St. Catherine's Church is the most style pure and ample baroque church in Estonia. The design of facades characteristically for baroque disjunct and relief, the six broaches are finished with slender needle-shaped tips that add lightness and festiveness to the building. Since church is built a century before the majority of orthodox churches, it differs from them from architectural point of view but at the same time it has influenced the development of orthodox church architecture in whole Balticum.
Interesting to know! Pärnu St. Catherine's Church was built by order and with financing of Russian queen Catherine the II. To this day Pärnu Russian congregation operates in the church.

Times and prices

Is open every day: 10:15 - 16:00

Is open advance bookings only

  • Free of charge

  • Free of charge

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Getting there

In the centre of Pärnu at the crossing of Vee and Pikk streets, beside of Endla theatre.

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  • By excursion bus
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  • By car
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Bus: Teater
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I & My Spouse Felt HAPPY & PEACEFUL in Our Heart & Mind, GREAT Experience After Entering The Church. Thank You Parnu. Thank You Estonia.



Lovely Baroque church that was open to visit

Nice Baroque church that was open to visit. This church is in keeping with several other architectural feature of this seaside resort that are in the Baroque style. Interesting contrast for a...



very nice to look at from the outside

very nice to look at from the outside. Inside, not outstanding, there is no lasting impression, with the staff on site it looks rather busy.

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