Where to try authentic Estonian food

Source: Visit Estonia

Where to try authentic Estonian food

Ever given paleo gourmet a try? While New Nordic Cuisine is all the rage these days, there are a number of restaurants serving the ancient Estonian cuisine. Among the dishes to try is karask, the original bread before bread, as well as wild boar, moose, and seal.

Coastal culture

Estonian coastal folk have adored dish and seal meat for centuries. Fishermen and hunters have historically lived in little villages leaving behind a wealth of coastal heritage.

Tastes from the forest

Given the opportunity, most Estonians are eager mushroom and berry pickers. The Estonian forest is also a home to wild boar, moose, and deer.

Medieval tastes with a local twist

While the medieval cuisine in Estonian major towns didn't necessarily stay true to the peasant food culture, being infused with foreign spices, it represents an important milestone in how Estonian cuisine has formed over the centuries.

Last updated : 31.08.2019